Kawakawa Cleansing Oil

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Posted by:Steph


120ml bottle. Amazing for cleansing the skin or removing makeup.

Why should you try oil cleansing? 

Oil cleansing stems from the idea that like dissolves like. Many makeup removers include oil because oil can lift oil-free, oil-based, and waterproof formulas off your skin and lashes. 

Traditional cleansers can irritate your skin, cause excessive dryness, exacerbate acne. They can also lead your skin to produce more oil if used to frequently 

Oil cleansing, on the other hand, can help balance the skin and lock in hydration. Unlike traditional cleansers, they help protect the natural lipid layer of the skin and the “good” bacteria that live there.

Our oil cleanser is as simple as it gets.

We have used kawakawa infused rice bran, an oil based emulsifier (for a better rinse off) and vitamin E which is our antioxidant of choice (and helps to slow down oxidation of oils). A touch of Manuka oil has been been added for its antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.We have also included Castor oil as it has been found to boost the cleansing effects. :)  

This cleanser has a bland scent with a slight herbal aroma due to the kawakawa & Manuka. Happy to add in any essential oils of choice if you prefer something more scented but you will need to request this asap.

Postage is $5 Urban, or $8 Rural.

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