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Decramastic Tile Roofing by JP Franklin Roofing

Mount Wellington, Auckland
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Decramastic Tiles, also known as pressed metal tiles, Decrabond, and "stone chip roofs," are scalloped metal tiles. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Decramastic Tile roofs were manufactured and widely installed in New Zealand. Decramastic Tiles are no longer made due to the inclusion of asbestos, and other metal tile varieties have taken their place. Although there are still many original Decramastic Tile roofs on buildings in New Zealand, maintenance and replacement have increased in recent years due to their susceptibility to degradation over time and the introduction of new asbestos regulations in the country. 

Do you have an old Decramastic Tile Roof that might contain asbestos? Is your Decramastic Tile Roof corroded, worn, or infected with moss, mildew, or mould?

We are experts in repairing and replacing Decramastic Tile Roofs in Auckland. We can upgrade your Decramastic Tile Roof with modern metal roofing or talk to you about other roofing solutions.

Contact us at JP Franklin Roofing on 0800 456888 or visit for professional advice and/or a competitive quote for all your Decramastic Tile Roof issues.

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Mount Wellington, Auckland