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About us

Shopless is an online marketplace for Kiwis. You can find Job Vacancies, Cars & Vehicles, Rental Properties, and Properties for Sale on our platform.

Shopless is affordable and super simple to use. Employers, Car Dealers and Real estate agents can simply post ads on our platform. Our mission is to provide a simple, affordable, and safe platform connecting buyers and sellers across Aotearoa.

Selling on Shopless

With thousands of daily visitors, Shopless is a great place to connect with others in New Zealand.

Shopless is affordable and simple

  • If you are a small business that occasionally recruits a new employee, you can list your job vacancy on Shopless
  • If you are an individual who wants to sell their second-hand car, you can list your car on Shopless
  • If you are an individual who wants to sell their house or is looking for a new tenant for their apartment, you can list your property on Shopless

Integration system for businesses

We provide an automated system for businesses and professional sellers, which takes care of all admin work for you. By using our integration system, you don't need to worry about listing your ads and removing them when you find the right buyer or candidate. Everything is done for you by our system.

We also provide a special rate for businesses. if you are interested and we would get in touch.