Global Warming

About us

Shopless is an online marketplace for Kiwis, where you can post ads and list your product or service for FREE.

When we started this project we wanted to create a charitable platform to help the refugees (especially children). Ever since that time, we have come to the realization that global warming is a serious threat to our civilization, and we have decided that Shopless should support both of these causes.

How does it work?

We provide an online shopping platform where you can post your ads for free. Our business model is Pay for Promotion, which means you can boost/promote your listing (to get more attention) for an additional fee.

Half of our revenue (not profit) goes to organisations who fight against global warming or helping refugees... so if you pay us $10 to promote your listing, we donate $5 to charity straight away. The charities that we work with are: ChangeMakers, Trees That Count and Red Cross NZ.

We publish our quarterly financial report, so you can see exactly what our income was, how much and who we have donated to. If you like to nominate a charity please let us know.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you. Please visit our Feedback page or send us an email: