Shopless is an online marketplace platform. We specialise in Jobs, Cars & Vehicles and Real Estate categories. Our website has 2 modes: Browse and Post ad. The website appears Green when you are in Browse mode and it turns Blue when you switch to Post Ad mode.


Browse mode is for searching ads. To narrow down your search result:

  1. Search for an ad
    • Use search Filters (Keyword and Location)
    • Choose a Category (e.g. Motors), to limit your search results. Drill down further into the desired Sub-Category
    • As you drill down into a Category, you would see more Specialized Filters: (e.g. Price, Car make, Job type, etc)
  2. Once you have found an ad, you can click the Message button to contact the advertiser
Note: we can help to put you in touch with the advertiser, but you need to discuss further details (such as payment or pick up) with them

Post ad

If you want to post your own ad, switch to Post Ad mode

  1. Choose a Category for your ad (either use the top menu or use the Category Suggester):
    post ad
  2. This would open the ad empty form, fill in the details and click on: SAVE

Safety information

Safety tips

  • If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true
  • Always read the product description carefully and check the photos. If it sounds suspicious, try to search the item on Internet. Many scammer copy their advertisement from other websites
  • If the seller is asking you to pay them through Western Union or an oversease bank account, it is likely to be scam
  • Always ask the seller for a phone number, and keep the details of your communication/payments
  • If you want to meet the seller to pick up the product, we would recommend you to meet in a public place

Reporting suspicious ads

If you notice a suspicious ad please Report it:

  • Illegal product/service
  • Animal cruelty
  • Firearms/ammunition
  • Scam
  • False/misleading
  • Rude/offensive
post ad

Mobile home screen


To add Shopless on your Android's Home Screen:

  • Open Chrome and navigate to:
  • Tap the three dots icon: menu icon
  • Tap on: Add to Home screen


To add Shopless on your iPhones' Home Screen:

  • Open Safari and navigate to:
  • Tap the Share icon: share icon
  • Tap on: Add to Home screen