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Healthy Homes Auckland

Titirangi, Auckland
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Now Healthy Homes Auckland inspectors check all the possible flaws and for that they move the pieces of furniture and other stuff from their original places. They also check the inner roof with the help of a ladder. Basement of any house is the hub of different facilities. For example all the water, gas and waste pipes are usually located in this place. If the basement is dark, creepy and damp then it means that there is no ventilation system there and the water pipe is also leaking.

All the unusual and repair needed things will be mentioned on their report. Waste pipes and gutters are checked properly and their flow is also observed. Places like wash basins and commodes etc are checked from below so that they can come to know about any leakage. In commodes they usually flush something as well so that they can know whether the drainage system is blocked or not.

The primary focus of the home inspection report is to identify problems and potential problems in a prospective house, so that you can buy your home with confidence. A major facet of the building report is to assess weather tightness of the house. The leaky building syndrome is a major concern for home buyers and so I use my extensive building experience and moisture testing equipment to insure your home is in good condition. All my Builders Reports and Pre Purchase House inspections include extensive moisture testing.

For quality building reports in Auckland, look no further. With over 20 years of building industry experience in completing contracts ranging from executive homes to multi-million dollar commercial buildings, you can be guaranteed that my service is a quality one. I am a Qualified Builder and a Licensed Building Practitioner, which keeps me up to date with building industry regulations and the latest developments. I have now had more than 10 years experience doing Pre Purchase House Inspections and have completed over 2000 Building Reports in Auckland.

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Titirangi, Auckland